Secrets for creating a business where you have fulfillment, happiness, financial freedom and free time, are now revealed

16 July 2020 by Diana Popa

Imagine deciding how your life should look like. Imagine living with passion, purpose, helping thousands of people, whilst making money and having financial freedom. Imagine earning your current income by working less and inspiring people.

According to the European Commission 50% of businesses fail within 5 years. Even more, business owners took the path of entrepreneurship to work less than in a normal job and they end up working double. 


Business owners end up losing their loved ones, their social life just because they try to make their business be successful. They end up losing the main reason why they are working so hard: to provide to their family the lifestyle they deserve. The more you work, the less you earn and the less time you have to spend with your family and friends. There are moments when no matter what you try it just doesn't work out. You don't know what to do and how to do it. It just doesn't seem to be evolving. The struggle, the number of hours, the lack of money, the desperation to find customers, all of this is making you feel less and less confident in your abilities to deal with uncertainty and become successful. You would wish to win the loto at least to feel like you have something you can rely on and just enjoy life. There are moments when you feel that you went through a lot of struggles and you deserve more and yet the success doesn't come to you. 

Do you also believe that this is insane? That there is something wrong with this model?

Then...What can we do? Why are some people successful and they don't seem to struggle as much as others? What are they doing differently? 

Successful business owners are mastering the waves and everything that comes towards them. They are in control of their inner strenght, they know how to find the strategies that work and the people that can help them build an empire.

There several factors that you needs to keep in mind as a business owner if you want to work less, earn more and have time to enjoy your life.

1. Mindset

This is the basis for everything that follows. You have to deal with your old unsupportive beliefs. Maybe you have done it in the past. This allowed you to reach a certain level. But if you are stuck, if you feel that you are constantly fighting with life, then definitely you are not on the right path. You are not following your heart. Take a step back and start reflecting again on all the concepts we described in our Online Training Empowering Mindset.

2. Strategy

As a leader you need to have a plan for your growth; you must know where you are going and think ahead. This is the role of a leader. You are opening the road for those coming after you. They will follow you because you have taken the time to reflect on the strategy, advantages, inconveniences, and risks. You have thought about all the viable opportunities and necessary improvements. You have a plan for the following 1, 5, and 10 years. You are thinking about the well-being of everyone around you and this will allow you to be called a leader

3. Team

If you don’t have a team yet, this is most probably the reason you are not growing. You cannot build an empire by yourself. You absolutely don’t have the time, means, knowledge, and resources to do so. You need to surround yourself with people who share the same values as you do. Delegate your tasks to those you are trusting. Accept support when needed. Remember, people will trust you if you trust them, they will respect you if you respect them, they will admire you if you admire them, they will help you if you help them, they will acknowledge you as a leader if you acknowledge their value and they will care about you if you care about them. It is not a one-way path, you cannot just give them a salary and expect all the other things in return. Give what you require from others and you will obtain it.

4. Systems

Something that many business owners are not aware of is that in order to have free time and run a company you need systems in place. Make sure everything can be performed without you being present. So how do you achieve that? Here are a few things you should implement:

  • Procedures: it refers to the documentation of all of your processes, to ensure consistency from our year to another, to ensure that your business works exactly the way you want it to work and that whenever you have found a solution that gives you the profit you expect, it should be repeated. 
  • Governance: it is not by chance that big companies have a strongly defined governance with decision-making bodies and a well-established structure. In order to succeed, the ability to change the process must be limited to only a few people. If everyone introduces new ideas without a determined plan and strategy, you are up for a big failure.
  • Expertise: if you want to save time, energy, and money you need to surround yourself by experts in different fields such as risk management, human resources, IT, communications, accounting, to name just a few.  
  • Controls: This is for me one area I have been working in for 8 years. I cannot stress enough the importance of this field. People will make mistakes, they will not always comply with the procedures designed or even with the regulation, and this may cost you a lot of money. To avoid that, you need control functions. There are three levels of control: first performed by the hierarchy of the operational staff; second as an autonomous department who will ensure that the first level is correctly implemented; and, third which is independent of the other two and who should ensure that there are no flaws in the processes. You need a robust control system if you want to grow.
  • IT infrastructure: something that will save you a bunch of money is having automation. You still need people, but whenever is possible, make sure you avoid the manual mistakes by putting in place the right IT infrastructure. This may cost you some capital in the short term, but it will definitely gain you a lot in the long run.

As a leader, you will have the right mindset to inspire, the appropriate strategy to provide the direction, the proper systems to be profitable, and the ideal team to implement your dreams, whilst helping them develop theirs at the same time.

Does all this sound overwhelming? 

If you are not familiar with these processes and strategies it surely does. The question is: Is there an industry where you wouldn't need all this?  

The quick answer is no. But there is one particular industry where you don't need to deal with all the processes described above, where you can limit to some extent all of this, focus on helping people and still earning a lot of money. 

There has actually never been a better time to join the online training market. With the particular market exceeding $65 billion contracted out by businesses to third-party training service providers, it's certainly not a particular niche industry anymore. It's only positioned for more growth, as conventional instructional networks and traditional schools are interfered with by online training waves. 

This is an excellent time to join the internet training market. Certainly starting your very own training company, just like beginning any kind of company can be intimidating. On the positive side, the market is expanding, the devices at your disposal have actually never been far better, as well as a little interest and ability can obtain you lengthy means.

Even in the training business you will still need to ensure that you run your business. But we believe that the actual inquiry you should have been asking all along is not how to start your own training business, but instead how to promote it. Even if you think that your product "represents itself", you still require to promote the hell out of it and get the word out via blogs, Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter. You will also need to invest some money into marketing and software, creating your own website, ads to ensure the promotion, not to mention training on learning how to use all of the above. 

Is there a shortcut to avoid all of the above, learning how to run a business in an easy way and win a lot of money in the training business, whilst not having to deal with the promotional part?


Definitely there is. This is our aim for the members of the Membership Site My Design Tomorrow.

We will: 

  • Provide you all the steps on how to create your business and programs, so that you don't do mistakes and lose a lot of money whilst figuring it out. This money you can spend it on your loved ones or your lifestyle.
  • Help you with the empowering mindset so that you become unstoppable and don't lose confidence in your abilities to be successful. This will help you improve your relationships as well and the way others perceive you. 
  • Show you what needs to be systemized so that you gain a lot of time and spend this time with your family instead of trying to make your business work.
  • Give you all the tips you need to run successful trainings so that customers come back to you over and over again and you don't need to spend a lot of money in marketing. This time you can use it to enjoy life the way you wish.
  • Guide you to find the right persons who will help you create a successful business, whilst receiving the support you need and not feeling that you are fighting alone your battles.
  • Provide you alternative solutions for the promotion of your trainings and coaching.



What do others say?

Oana (USA)

"I always knew I had a purpose in life. Joining Diana's program has given me more clarity, has helped me define my goal and my true ' why' that keeps me going. It has also given me the tools to enable me to take action. You need to be around people with an empowering mindset and this is it! Diana is so genuine and so knowledgeable and you can tell that she truly cares about your success. Thank you for the journey.

Habeebullah (India)

"I would like first of all to thank Diana for her efforts to help people reach their life goals. I did not know her before, but I saw an opportunity to join her program where everyone has been awesome. I am sure everyone has some dreams and goals but they need coaching in order to get there. Honestly during the week in her program, whilst being through some challenges I have realized that I am powerful enough to overcome the obstacles and reach each and every one of my dreams. I wish you to be happy and have a prosperous life ahead".

Ioana (Romania)

"Diana is very passionate about what she does. She likes to help people and companies to grow. Throughout the seminar I felt transformed and happier, more productive and the company will grow because we as leaders develop."

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