Why is your business not succeeding?

Low staff performance

No brand awareness

No innovation

High turnover

No raving customers

Not being a role model

Low product quality & hight costs

Low staff commitment & engagement

Not unique in your market

Why is your team not performing?

Self image and self-esteem

Lack of confidence in the ability to achieve goals will always limit staff member's potential, actions and behaviours. 

Limiting beliefs

The negative thoughts and beliefs to overcome  challenges lead staff members to taking the inappropriate  decisions, impacting as such their performance and the company's objectives. 

Emotions and Fears

The negative emotional triggers staff members are experiencing on a day-to-day basis lead to the lack of team spirit, conflicts and stress, impacting your team cooperation and finally their achievements. 

What do we offer?

Group training and coaching to increase the personal brand awareness and obtain fast track results

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1:1 Coaching with targeted solutions for business and personal development 

Mastermind groups for lasting results with a focus on business and personal development 

Gain Authority and Impact Millions

For coaches, trainers and consultants

Instead of feeling stuck, tired, frustrated, overwhelmed and worried about your business success,

You will become a Leader and a Celebrity in your market, become known, liked and trusted for who you are!

What this means is that you will be able to regain confidence and get back in control. 

What this really means is that you will gain inner peace, be fulfilled and empowered every day, whilst leaving the lifestyle you desire. 

I want to take the first step!

What can you trust to receive with us?

Risk free investment

You have 60 days to test whether our methods are functioning for you. If they are not, you can ask your money back. We have only 2 requirements for your staff members: (i) desire to grow; (ii) commitment to take action. 

Results measurement

If you are tired of spending money without seeing results, with us you will be able to measure through the KPIs we will define together, whether our methods of training and coaching are working.

No one-size fits all

Uncertain which training or coaching is more suitable for you to increase results and performance? We will help you identify your business needs, before booking a training or coaching. 

Price affordability

You will be able to save thousands of euros lost in testing strategies and techniques. We can help you identify your needs and only pay when you have an action plan defined. 

High level customer service

We are accompanying you through the entire period: before, during and after delivery of our training and coaching programs. 

Customised scheduling

We propose a flexible scheduling for our programs on the basis of your needs and availability. Our aim is to help you increase your efficiency and spend more time doing what you love: coaching, training and consulting. 

"I would like first of all to thank Diana for her efforts to help people reach their life goals. I did not know her before, but I saw an opportunity to join her program where everyone has been awesome. I am sure everyone has some dreams and goals but they need coaching in order to get there. Honestly during the week in her program, whilst being through some challenges I have realized that I am powerful enough to overcome the obstacles and reach each and every one of my dreams. I wish you to be happy and have a prospereous life ahead."

Habeebullah E. (India)
Data analyst

"Diana is very passionate about what she does. She likes to help people and companies to grow. Throughout the seminar I felt transformed and happier, more productive and the company will grow because we as leaders develop."

Ioana R (Romania)
Real estate business owner

"I always knew I had a purpose in life. Joining Diana's program has given me more clarity, has helped me define my goal and my true ' why' that keeps me going. It has also given me the tools to enable me to take action. You need to be around people with an empowering mindset and this is it! Diana is so genuine and so knowledgeable and you can tell that she truly cares about your success. Thank you for the journey."

Oana F. (USA)
Health coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Our programs are for business owners, coaches, consultants and trainers, as well as for companies. 

  • We provide coaching services for small business owners to help them improve their brand awareness and structure their processes, to become more efficient and structured in reaching their goals. 
  • We provide training and group coaching programs for employees and business owners.
  • We also provide one-to-one coaching for employees and business owners. 

Our coaching and training programs, as well as Mastermind Groups include the measurement of results and objectives through KPIs that we will define together at the beginning of every program. 

No. For our coaching, training and programs and Mastermind Groups you have 60 days money back guarantee. If you decide that our work does not help you, we will reimburse you 100%.
The only 2 requirements are: that you are fully engaged and apply what you learn with us and you believe that it can work for you as it worked for thousands of people. 

Our trainings are focussed on lasting results by reprogramming your brain and developing daily rituals. 
In addition, our coaching programs will help you implement the strategies learnt right away.

You should not expect to gain confidence and self-esteem or gain an empowering mindset by attending a training of 2 days, as proposed by our competitors. That’s why our aim is to accompany you over a longer period of time so that you can improve your mindset and your business at your own rhythm to ensure lasting results.

If you want lasting results we would recommend additionally to any trainings you purchase to book coaching sessions and have one session every month.

If you are looking for programs for teams, the company should be the one paying for the employees. 

If you are looking to grow your business, then you as the owner should pay. 

It all depends on what exactly you need and how much effort you are willing to put into implementing the strategies learnt with us. 

It can take from 3 months to 1 year or more, depending on the needs and level where you are. 

We cannot ask for your trust before we can prove that what we are saying is true. Therefore we leave it up to you to give it a try, see if this is something that works for you and then judge if you can trust us to collaborate together. 

Our coaching and training programs, as well as Mastermind Groups are live online or recorded. Once the pandemic will go away we will also organise them as live events. 


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