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These terms of use are applicable to the agreement between My Design Tomorrow SRL, a limited company incorporated and existing under the laws of Romania registered under the unique number 42130820 and the order number to the Trade Register J26/54/20.01.2020, having its principal place of business at Strada Zorilor, Nr. 37, 545600 Tarnaveni, judetul Mures and yourself as the other party entering into this agreement ("You").

You and My Design Tomorrow SRL are hereinafter referred to as the "Parties" and separately as a "Party". 

The agreement consisting of these Terms of use and other documentation referred to in the Terms of use ("Agreement") shall govern the services offered by My Design Tomorrow SRL such as: online trainings, live events, coaching and mastermind groups (“Service”).   

By using the Service in any way, You acknowledge, represent and warrant that You have reviewed and accept this Agreement and if, You have indicated that You act on behalf of an entity, are authorised to act on behalf of such entity. 

If You do not wish to be bound by this Agreement, do not use, access or register for the Service.

  1. Online and live trainings, coaching and mastermind groups 

You may use the Service to join ("Participant") an online training, live training, seminars, conferences, webinars, coaching or mastermind groups (“Coaching, Trainings and Groups”)  subject to the terms of use of this Agreement and any policies of My Design Tomorrow SRL as in force.  

1.1. The Participant understands that during the Coaching, Trainings and Groups success cases are presented. However, the same results cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, participants are entirely responsible for any action taken following the participation in Coaching, Trainings and Groups”. Neither the Coach, Trainer, Organizer or Facilitator nor My Design Tomorrow SRL, its shareholders and representatives can be held responsible for any activity or decision taken following the participation to Coaching, Trainings and Groups. The Participant understands that the experiences and results obtained by other Participants and Trainers cannot be identically reproduced. The Participant understands that by joining the Coaching, Trainings and Groups no guarantee is offered as regards the outcome in any of the areas presented therein.  

1.2. The Participant understands that the Coaching, Trainings and Groups cannot replace the psychological support. A qualified professional should be seek if the Participant needs it. The Coach, Trainer, Organizer or Facilitator reserves the right at any point in time to advise searching for such professional if it is considered necessary. No evidence has to be provided justifying this consideration for such advice. The Coach, Trainer, Organizer or Facilitator reserves the right to eliminate a person from the Coaching, Trainings and Groups if the respective person needs the support of a qualified professional in any of the areas of the Coaching, Trainings and Groups proposed by My Design Tomorrow SRL, including, but not limited to a psychologist. 

1.3. The Coach, Trainer, Organizer or Facilitator reserves the right to eliminate a participant from Trainings or Groups if any harm is caused to other Participants or to the Coach, Trainer, Organizer or Facilitator, without the refund of any payment incurred by the Participant. 

1.4. To promote the content of My Design Tomorrow, the Coaching, Trainings or Groups may be displayed on other websites, applications, social media platforms, within emails and online and offline advertisements.  

  1. Eligibility, Content, Recordings

2.1. In order to access the Services provided by My Design Tomorrow SRL you must be an individual of at least 18 years old. You warrant that neither you nor your company being part of a transaction is located in a country under EU or US embargo. You or your company is not listed on a sanction list or any other prohibited EU or US lists.  

2.2. We do not assume the responsibility for the verification of identity of any participant.     

2.3. My Design Tomorrow SRL content may be in its entirely protected by copyrights, trademark under the European laws. You will not obscure, alter or remover any of the content published by My Design Tomorrow SRL. All trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names and any other proprietary designations of third parties used in connection with My Design Tomorrow SRL are used for identification purposes and may be the property of their owners.    

2.4. You will not use, copy, adapt, modify, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, transmit or exploit the content published by My Design Tomorrow. No licenses or rights are granted to you under any intellectual property rights owned or controlled by My Design Tomorrow SRL or its shareholders, except the ones expressly granted in these Terms of use.  

2.5. The Coaching, Trainings and Groups are recorded. By agreeing to these terms you agree with these recordings.  

  1. Modification of terms 

These terms of use can be modified at any time. If any changes occur we will inform you via e-mail at least 15 days in advance. If you disagree with the Updated Terms of use you may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect. This information regarding the termination of the agreement will be as well notified in the email.  If you do not terminate the Agreement by the deadline indicated in the e-mail the use of the Platform after this date will constitute acceptance of the Updated Terms of use.  

  1. Fees and Payment Terms  

4.1 The Cost of the Coaching, Trainings and Groups is published within the contents of the promotion pages and order forms. 

4.2 The fee is paid before joining the Coaching, Trainings and Groups.  

4.3. Additional fees and commissions may be charged by banks, PayPal and Stripe. For additional information on these fees check the PayPal and Stripe conditions and consult your bank.   

4.4. You are responsible for paying any Fee owned to My Design Tomorrow SRL.

4.5 For any of the Coaching, Training or Groups organised by My Design Tomorrow SRL, 100 % money back guarantee is available under the following conditions:

a) You must register and attend the first 2 sessions of the Coaching, Training or Group. 

b) A 14 days money back guarantee is ensured for Coaching, Training and Groups.

c) To activate the money-back guarantee, the attendee must first speak to a My Design Tomorrow trainer or coach. If after this conversation the attendee still wishes to activate the money-back guarantee then they must immediately exit the program and return all other inclusions of the Coaching, Training or Group. If this process is not adhered to then no money-back guarantee will be provided.

d) If you do qualify for the money back guarantee a refund will be equivalent to the money received from the purchase of Coaching, Training or Group, minus any handling, processing and booking fees. 

(e) If you qualify for and are to receive a money back guarantee, any complimentary tickets and bonuses not yet issued, as a part of your Coaching, Training or Group, become null and void.

5.  Terms specific to Participants 

5.1. By booking any of the Coaching, Trainings and Groups, You assume entire responsibility for making sure you know all details and information about the Coaching, Trainings and Group by either verifying the information presented in the pages dedicated to this effect or by contacting My Design Tomorrow SRL to the email address indicated therein.  

5.2. Upon booking of Coaching, Trainings and Groups, a legally binding agreement is formed between You and My Design Tomorrow SRL. My Design Tomorrow SRL will collect the fee of the Coaching, Trainings and Groups at the time of the booking request.  

5.3. You agree to leave the Coaching, Trainings and Groups if the Coach, Trainer, Organiser or Facilitator requests you to do so or if you do not comply with these Terms of use.  

  1. Prohibited activities

You are solely responsible for compliance with any laws, rules, regulations, and Tax obligations that may apply to your use of the services provided by My Design Tomorrow SRL. You will not use or enable others to:

  • breach or circumvent any applicable laws or regulations, agreements with third-parties, third-party rights, or these Terms of use or Privacy Policy. 
  • use the Services for other purposes than learning or other purposes that are not permitted under these Terms of use;
  • copy, store, access or use any information contained within the services’ promotion pages of My Design Tomorrow SRL for other purposes not stated in these Terms of use or to reproduce the content included therein; 
  • contact a Participant for any other purposes than asking a question related to one of the Coaching, Trainings and Groups created and published by My Design Tomorrow SRL, including but not limited to recruiting, soliciting a Participant to join third-party services, applications or websites;
  • copy or reproduce the services concept or any of its content for your own benefits; 
  • discriminate against or harass anyone on the basis of race, national origin, religion, gender, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age or sexual orientation.  
  1. Disputes between users and My Design Tomorrow SRL

For any claims or disputes you can access the following links for Online Dispute Resolution (https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.home2.show) and ANPC (https://anpc.ro/). 

  1. Applicable Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction that is applicable to these terms of use is that of Romania, unless something else is required by binding law.

Last update on 30/08/2023


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