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Have you ever gone through those difficult moments when nothing seems to be working no matter how much you tried? When attracting clients just seems impossible...when finances are not at all under control, when you don't seem to achieve any financial consistency, when you work hard without seeing the results you deserve...?

What will you gain out of this program?

Personal brand awareness

You will learn how to make people see the real you, they will learn from you and be inspired by your story. This will help you develop your brand and increase awareness about your services.

Gain Authority 

You will learn how to get in some of the biggest media news which will automatically increase your authority and credibility in your field of expertise. 

Traffic on your website

You will learn how to increase the traffic on your website, increase leads and attract more and more clients. Clients = sales.  

Advertisement of your services & products

You will learn how to get in other people's shows and interviews and sell your services. In addition, you will have the chance to be part of our Show Secrets of Designing Tomorrow and sell your services to our own audience. 

Build your contact list

By becoming visible and applying the techniques we will teach you to have the opportunity to build your contact list from giving gifts for free to the audience to the shows in which you will be participating. 

Support and community

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely place, but it doesn't have to be. Get surrounded by like-minded people, receive support in the areas where you need it the most, so that you can grow your business and live the lifestyle you wish. Get surrounded by other coaches, trainers, and consultants so that you can develop your own Talk Show with their help and expertise. 

What are the steps to Gain Authority and Impact Millions?

1. Develop your social media accounts

It is essential that you become visible on social media. You can develop and grow your audience rather fast so that you can gain authority in your niche. We will teach you a step-by-step process on how to do it. 


2. Create your own Talk Show

Become visible and show your expertise, whilst at the same time showing your knowledge by interviewing hundreds of other coaches and trainers. 

It is time to inspire through your actions!

3. Be part of the media 

Learn how to get in the media press having up to 280 Million views to gain credibility and influence millions of people at the same time. You deserve to be known and make this world a better place. 

4. Repurpose your content 

It is essential that you become efficient in your business with as little work as possible. You need to learn how to repurpose 30 min of an interview into videos, podcasting, blog articles, your own book. Being present on social media will help you increase your authority and credibility. 

It is time to get to the next level. 

Who is this for?


Speakers & Trainers




Who is your host?

Diana Popa

Founder and CEO of My Design Tomorrow

"Control your thoughts, change your life" 

With 10 years of professional experience in control and investigation functions, Diana had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people in over 10 countries in Asia and Europe.

With experience and knowledge in several fields of expertise: accounting, finance, banking, risk management, coaching, psychology, and having invested 6 years in personal and business development trainings, Diana helps business owners find the best strategies to discover their true selves and grow their business. 

Her dream is to bring people together, help them become aware of their potential, overcome their fears and start living the life they wish for.

If you are tired of dealing with all the marketing tools and techniques, and you feel like it is difficult to attract customers and you just want to have more time to coach, train and inspire people, then this program is for you. 

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