Awareness and consciousness in business


If your staff members do not work in full collaboration, understating, helping and supporting each other, then this is the program they need. They will learn how not to give up on each other, pay attention to their emotions and needs and build a strong relationship.  

High emotional intelligence for better team collaboration


This is a program your company needs if staff members do not currently understand their emotions and feelings, do not have full control over them, do not understand and handle the emotions of others, as well as the way their moods and behaviors impact those around them. 

Overcoming limiting beliefs to increase performance 


Your company needs it if your staff members do not work and live at their full potential, if it is difficult for them to handle the challenges coming their way, if they need a mindset to know that nothing can stop them from achieving their goals.

Working with purpose and happiness every day 


This should be the default state in everyone’s life. If your staff members are instead always negative about their life and work, in conflict with those around them, always fighting with their leaders, frustrated about their work and are working without commitment and passion, this is the program for them. 

Effective coaching and feedback for managers 


Your company needs leaders who are authentic, lead without fear, understand the feelings and emotions of their team, are not afraid of providing negative feedback in a constructive manner and deeply care about the emotional well-being of their team members. 

Alternative source of income for managers


If your leaders are tired of not reaching the financial situation that can offer them the stability and lifestyle they wish, then this program can help them achieve that. Every manager should have two sources of income: the active and the passive one, if you want them to work free of worried and fears. 

Creating powerful engaging trainings, presentations and events


Is your staff getting exposed in events and presentations? Do they engage their audiences and feel confident about their presentation skills? If the answer is no, this program is the answer. We are always communicating with each other and your company needs an exchange of information in order to be truly at its best. 

Vision, strategy, clarity and goals setting


Are you attracting the talented staff that you always wanted? Are your clients trusting the quality of the work delivered by your staff? Are your staff values in alignment with your own values? If not, then this is the program your company needs. 

Women in leadership

If you do not have diversity amongst your leadership team, if women do not have the same chance of reaching positions at decision-making levels, if they are not strong and confident whilst being authentic, this is the program your company needs. 

Stress Management

If your team is overwhelmed by the amount of work they need to do, if there is more and more demand from your clients without additional income, if the days are not enough to cover all the work that needs to be done, this is the program your company needs. Without your staff well-being you cannot ensure success in your company. 

Emotional triggers and team conflicts 


If your staff members constantly have negative emotions, are in conflict with each other, if they are competing instead of helping each other, if it is difficult to handle their moods and behaviours, this is the program that your company needs. 

Brand awareness and marketing


This is one of the most important components for your company. If you don't have brand awareness, if you don't have a story, if your company doesn't show the added value for their employees and customers, then you will not be able to attract the talented staff and the raving customers your company needs. 

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