Ep 101. How to be Adventurous, Tenacious & Resilient In These Times of Burnout with Keith Renninson

Season #3

As a seasoned professional in the financial services industry, Keith understands the challenges and joys faced by his colleagues.    Keith started with New York Life in 1975 when he was 27, acquired his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in 1989, and retired from planning in 2001. As an industry professional, Keith served as President of his Life Underwriters Association from 1995-1999.   An avid climber, cyclist, skier, and world traveler, Keith brings a sense of adventure and wonder to his speaking. His new award-winning book “Tenacity: You Don’t Have to Get Lost in Nepal to Find Yourself, But it Helps!” is based on the second trip when he traveled alone and got lost for a few days in the Himalayas.   Keith combines his love of adventure with his industry experience to inspire and guide his audiences. Keith teaches his TRIP system through The TRIP Technique (tm) Assessment to help people experience more freedom, fulfillment, and fun. 

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